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Anonymous: Hi Mimi! How are you? Did you go to OGS in NYC? ^^

hello love~ i’m great, thank you ♥ i did attend ogc nyc with admin dani (tapioca), admin rise (only for dongwoo and myungsoo), shalu, hyoon and many other lovely friends. however, the gen admit crowd was so extreme i was nearly trampled on. i had to leave since i’m 4ft 11in , and couldn’t see the boys! i saw woohyun for a bit! but spent 90% of the concert outside. hopefully the boys will come back to a different venue so i can see them ㅠㅠ  i rly want woohyun in my face lmao ( ´∇`)

Anonymous: 2014?? REALLY? thank you soooo much!! ㅠㅠ sorry im too shy to msg you off anon >_<

yes, 2014! time to catch up and put things in order. it’s fine, but no need to be shy~ feel free to msg me though c:

Anonymous: Mimi, please come back ㅠㅠ as much as i miss woohyun, i miss you...

wish you would’ve priv msg, so we can chat ♥ but 2014 (oh yeah c;)

Anonymous: When will you be back? I miss your updates :(

honestly…i have no idea when i am coming back, if at all. i’m waiting to see if infinite’s come back will trigger some old feelings…..i will give my definite answer for their next come back.

( ´∇`)!!!


i need to make an announcement so that i can make it clear the terms of romeo.

you should all know that i do not run romeo for anyone, but myself. this is my tiny spot on the internet that is dedicated to nam woohyun, of course. i try to make this place visitor friendly, because i don’t mind sharing with others who do not have access. at the end of the day its really all for me, sorry to disappoint you (“⌣_⌣). every single follower should also understand that i have a separate life behind the computer. this is very important! updating romeo is not my job. i have a job. and i work so i can pay my own way through college. its a tough road when i’m majoring in physics and have to constantly study to keep my straight A’s. i don’t really owe any explanations, but i do feel bad at times…(◕︵◕)

however, harassing me on twitter and my personal tumblr for me to update romeo is extremely rude and inconsiderate ಠ_ಠ. in fact i am unmotivated to update due to others acting this way. i’m not talking about one person, no. this is many people!

for future references, if i am away, its due to life duties that i will a million times over choose before updating a blog. if you can not understand, then… (◞‸ლ)

Q: are you going to update romeo.fm?

A: i will. i usually always come back. am i right now? no. i need time for my personal duties and situations. hang in there!

i apologize if you are relying on me to update and all though harassing me isn’t cool, i’m touched so many people enjoy my tumblr ♥٩(◕ั ˑ ◕ั๑)۶

i will be back soon~


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